Powershell & batch file

Hi all,
I want make Folder and get the Name from Parameter of PowerShell. Any Tips please or tutorial. Thanks alot.
[CmdletBinding()]Param( [Parameter(Mandatory=$True)] [string]$CityName
start .\2.bat

call cdmcd C:\Users\alo\Desktopmkdir CityName


New-Item -Path ([environment]::GetFolderPath('Desktop')) -Name $CityName -ItemType Directory

Thanks alot.

Hi @Majd , I hope you have understood Rob’s reply. Just repeating what we have been suggesting from you previous questions. The solution given here is very basic and is easily doable if you would have started learning PowerShell from already shared links.

I request you to give you time in learning PowerShell. If PowerShell is important for you giving benefits, you should really invest your time in learning it.

yes i should do it but i have exams nowadays in University and i should learn PowerShell for my job