Migrating reg settings from GPO to DSC

Has anyone started migrating their administrative template settings from GPOs to DSC? Given all the preconfigured ADMX/AMDL files, I wondered if anyone had written a script to read them and precreate a bunch of reg resources in DSC?
David Z

Dave Wyatt has written some DSC resources for managing some of the settings for Local Group Policy Objects and published them in GitHub. https://github.com/dlwyatt/PolicyFileEditor

He’s got a nice blog post on it here: https://davewyatt.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/manage-local-group-policy-objects-from-powershell-and-desired-state-configuration/

For some of the Local Security Policy Settings, Tony Pombo built a nice script that you can create as a function and use it in a DSC resource. I’m currently testing a resource that I’ve written based on this, but haven’t published it yet. Here’s the source script. https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Grant-Revoke-Query-user-26e259b0

I don’t know if anyone has actually written anything to read through preconfig’d files and generate a DSC configuration though. I’ve not heard of it at least. It’d probably take less effort to just create a configuration based on your GPO.