Memory consumption /SQL Query

Hello all,

Need help in two different points.

Is it normal for a powershell script to consume 15GB memory when running via schedule task scrip and for the same amount of work consuming 2G in powershell ISE console?

How can i get 1000 rows each time from database, then do what i need to do with them and after i finish get the next 1000 rows… and so on, and so on… Is there any good article about this?


For Point 1 - Is it normal? That depends on the script and how it manages the .net objects in memory. I have had issues with long running scripts managing large objects that the only way to address the issue was to trigger the .net garbage collector.


I’ve seen this same behavior before to where I would run a script without issue in ISE and then schedule it as a task and it would just stop working in the middle of the script. I tried processing steps in stages, clearing variable, etc. and it didn’t help. I wish I knew about @Jonathan tip above cause I was desperate for a solution. I was processing about 30K AD records and it would randomly just die around mid-way through.

I will tryJonathan option. (Its the only option i have :P) Should i use it at the end of each function?

Tks for the fast awnsers


You would need to look at your script to determine what is grabbing the memory and when it should be released and add it afterwards. This is not going to fix the issue just make it better.
here is a demo to see the impact

Write-Output "Before Creating Large Object"
Get-Process powershell*|Format-Table -AutoSize
$sb = {
$timer = [diagnostics.stopwatch]::startnew()
for ($i = 1; $i -le 100000; $i++) {
		$count ++
		if ($count -ge 1000) { 
            write-progress -activity "Building Big Things" -status "$(($i/100000)*100)% Complete:" -percentcomplete (($i/100000)*100)
			$count = 0
		New-Object Psobject -Property @{Dummy = $i}

$x = &$sb
Write-Output "After Creating Large Object"
Get-Process powershell*|Format-Table -AutoSize
Remove-Variable x
Write-Output "After Removing Large Object"
Get-Process powershell*|Format-Table -AutoSize
Start-Sleep -Seconds 1
Write-Output "Before Cleanup"
Get-Process powershell*|Format-Table -AutoSize
Write-Output "After Cleanup"
Get-Process powershell*|Format-Table -AutoSize

Also for point 2
That is called paging and is beyond my ability to mock up right now. You can see some examples here

Tanks for all the help Jonathan!