mapped drives

Hi, is there a way in PowerShell to identify mapped drives for a user and then place shortcuts on the users desktop? Thanks for any help in advance.

Well, you could certainly enumerate PSDrive (Get-PSDrive) objects of the FileSystem type, I guess, and look to see which roots where UNCs versus local. And there’s an old COM object that can create shortcuts, I think it’s part of WShell.

Or, you know, make your users grow up and enter the 21st century. :slight_smile:

LOL oh I agree totally.

I can list the mapped drives using the following:

 Get-WmiObject Win32_MappedLogicalDisk -computer $computer | select name, providername 

Any ideas on a quick script to use the information it collects and create shortcuts on the users desktop? Believe me I don’t want to do this either. Users should know where their data is located.

Did you try to search for it?


There is an excellent article in the Microsoft book Windows 2000 Scripting guide (Page 193) which I have just used specifically for this, via Wscript.Shell. I can post the code here if you can find nothing else.