create users in AD, and set Profile

i created users from files, and one of the definitions is setting the HomeDrive:

-HomeDrive “Z:” -HomeDirectory “\admsrv1\Class$sam” `

the user is created and under the profile tab i see the definition.

the problem is that when the user is loging in he can’t see the mapped drive, and i don’t see he’s folder created



when i do the same manually, and set the profile the HomeFolder, it creates immedialty the folder for the user.

1)what am i missing?

2)what powershell code can i use (that i will add to the logon policy) that when user loges in, it will created on the desktop

shortcut to that mapped folder (if the shortcut not exist yet)?


The ADUC tool will create the folder for you; AD itself, and PowerShell, will not. You have to create the folder yourself.

If you’re using a PowerShell logon script, you can run New-PSDrive -Persist in order to map a network drive from the logon script.

Creating a shortcut is different. That’s an .LNK file - shows an example of creating a shortcut from PowerShell.