Making Read-Host Tab Complete aware to Discover Functions

Hello I have a large library of functions and I have a function that allows me to see the definition of any function in my library and lets me copy the detention value to clipboard ect. The component I am trying to add to this function is a first step that run Read-Host and allows you to enter the function name, I would like the read-host to be able to utilize tab competition to discover the commands. That then sets a variable in the function to the command name and provides the definition to scree and clibboard. How can I make read-host tab complete aware it just interrupts the tabs as tabs and puts tabs in the spaces.

(get-command $command).definition|Set-Clipboard

I was able to find a way to accompish this. I made a single parameter in my function and at the command line after one function space and call the next function and tab complete works. so rather than in write host I’m using a parameter for the function.