Login Authentication

<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>Hi folks!</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>I have a question regarding the feasibility of using Powershell for a certain task. If anybody could guide me, I would be very appreciative.</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>A little run down of the network I am working with.</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>1 x Windows Server 2016</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>+50 Windows Pro Devices</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>I need to allow a standard user (student), logon access for out of workplace hours, but explicitly authorized by a staff member at a students workstation. So in my boss’s head, a student attempts to logon to their account, and an authentication prompt appears asking for a Staff member to grant permission with their login. The only way I can see myself achieving this is if I set a powershell script that initiates when the student logs on, through group policy. If the admin does not authorize the logon after 60 seconds, then it will log them off immediately. Is this possible? If so do you think it is a reasonable way of doing it?</p>
<p class=“s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP”>Thanks again!</p>

Use GPO to limit logon to ‘workplace hours’
Use compound authentication to require logon by BOTH student and supervisor

Thank you very much.