log monitor / parse

I have a log file of job status that i would like to monitor for failures and if a success comes in within the next four hours to exit and do nothing , but if no success do something.

I ahve been working with get-content -tail -wait but i am not seeing how i can keep that looking at new content and do something with what is found.

Any thoughts?

post your script.

I think every time you check the content, if no success, you can just rename it by time, and a new log file within the old name will be created, and next time you just check the new file

I dont really have a script built yet. I have just been working though some of the steps manually. I am looking to monitor the file in real time. I am really not sure how to go about that. I just thought get-content would be the best option.

You can possibly use a Do Until to get you semi real time information. Depending on how big the file is, this could also be a burden on the system.