There is requirements to read job log file and send mail if job run fails

I want to read job log file . Each log line contains start time with key phrase job started with time stamp.
if the job start time takes more than 15 sec to complete we want to send status mail .
Please help me regarding this .
Attaching sample log file data .

5/08/22 00:00:13 Start
05/08/22 00:00:13 Looking in Job for Waiting users
08/08/22 10:10:13 END
05/08/22 00:00:43 Start
05/08/22 00:00:43 Looking in Job for Waiting users
05/08/22 00:00:43 END
05/08/22 00:01:13 Start
05/08/22 00:01:13 Looking in Job for Waiting users
05/08/22 00:01:13 END

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