LCM settings

Hi, using Server 2012R2 WMF 5.

I have a LCM configuration that looks like this:

#Bruker registrationkey fra over.
configuration PullClientConfigID
        param (
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] [array] $NodeName,
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] [string] $PullServer,
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] [string] $NodeThumbprint,
        [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] [string] $RegistrationKey

    Node $NodeName
            RefreshMode          = 'Pull'
            RefreshFrequencyMins = 90 
            RebootNodeIfNeeded   = $true
            AllowModuleOverwrite = $true
            ConfigurationMode = "ApplyAndAutocorrect"
            CertificateID = $NodeThumbprint


        ConfigurationRepositoryWeb PullSrv
            ServerURL          = "https://$PullServer"+":8080/PSDSCPullServer.svc"
            RegistrationKey    = $RegkeyFromLocation

            ConfigurationNames = @('SQLSharePointInstall')

        ReportServerWeb PullSrv
            ServerURL       = "https://$PullServer"+":8080/PSDSCPullServer.svc"
            RegistrationKey = $RegkeyFromLocation

        ResourceRepositoryWeb PullSrv
            ServerURL = "https://$PullServer"+":8080/PSDSCPullServer.svc"
            RegistrationKey = $RegkeyFromLocation


Running this remotely on my node, updates my node to:

ActionAfterReboot              : ContinueConfiguration
AgentId                        : B9089C01-6470-11E6-80D9-005056834AFD
AllowModuleOverWrite           : True
CertificateID                  : 4CE00B7329DE171E606243CD32A9D819585368A9
ConfigurationDownloadManagers  : {[ConfigurationRepositoryWeb]PullSrv}
ConfigurationID                : 
ConfigurationMode              : ApplyAndAutoCorrect
ConfigurationModeFrequencyMins : 15
Credential                     : 
DebugMode                      : {NONE}
DownloadManagerCustomData      : 
DownloadManagerName            : 
LCMCompatibleVersions          : {1.0, 2.0}
LCMState                       : Idle
LCMStateDetail                 : 
LCMVersion                     : 2.0
StatusRetentionTimeInDays      : 10
PartialConfigurations          : 
RebootNodeIfNeeded             : True
RefreshFrequencyMins           : 90
RefreshMode                    : Pull
ReportManagers                 : {[ReportServerWeb]PullSrv}
ResourceModuleManagers         : {[ResourceRepositoryWeb]PullSrv}
PSComputerName                 :  

My understanding is that the ConfigurationDownloadManagers,ReportManagers and ResourceModuleManagers are obsolete in V5 (Ref Don Jones book DSC Book P:47/110).

Why are these settings then filled with LCM configuration data? Just showing the data and will be removed in the future?
Or maybe my LCM configuration is out of date? :slight_smile:



No, they’re not obsolete. I got the names mixed up in the book and am correcting that in the next update.

As noted in my answer to your previous post, if you’re using the same pull server for Configuration/Report and for Resources, you don’t need the last section of your script: ResourceRepositoryWeb PullSrv

Alright thanks!



Hi Bjorn,
Is your issue resolved now?

Hi Indhu,

Issue is resolved thank you.