Launching a perl script in Powershell


I’m exploring the possibilities of Powershell and I’m wondering if it’s possible to launch a perl script in Powershell.

First, I need to move a couple of files from directory A to B.
Secondly I need to launch a Perl script. This script will perform some data processing on the files in directory B

The first part is not an issue. But I’m having issues with the second part.

The perl script is in folder C:\Customer\DirectoryB => name:

I’m trying with the script:

start-process perl

But this isn’t working. I’m getting the error message “This command cannot be run due to the error: the system cannot find the file”

I already tried adding the directory C:\Customer\DirectoryB, but this isn’t working.

Who can help me?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Best regards,

Does it throw the same error if you put in the full path to perl.exe?

You could try to change the current directory before launching perl like this:

Push-Location -Path ‘C:\Customer\DirectoryB’
Start-Process -FilePath ‘Full path to perl.exe’ -ArgumentList ‘C:\Customer\DirectoryB\’