Is Windows OS (image) deployment possible with DSC?

From all the forums and blogs that I have been scouring, DSC seems to me like a post-OS comfig deployment/management platform. Is this an accurate observation. Besides using SCCM and/or WDS, is there a resource that I can use to deploy a windows image a.k.a. operating system to nodes. I can’t seem to find a straight answer to this question. I am sure there are a few admins who are also looking to DSC as a solution, but I decide to raise this question as a one place all such admins can find out if it can be done or cant.

I’d appreciate any and all wisdom and help from this awesome community to answer this question.


Hi Krish

You can use the xHyper-V DSC resources to deploy VM’s to a Hyper-V host. So in that sense, if by nodes you mean Hyper-V VM’s - yes, you can deploy an OS to a node.

Disclaimer: I have not worked with the xHyper-V resources, but have used the Lability module which utilize them.

We use xHyper-V to build production servers. it’s pretty slick. DSC can be used to configure bear metal hosts but cant deploy them. It should be possible to use DSC to deploy VM’s to vCenter managed hosts to. But the templates have to be build first. Not an issue with Hyper-v as you can automate that part to.