DSC Theory Question - Server OS Upgrade

Since PowerShell is writing declarative statements, and none of them are declaring Operating System, is it possible to use DSC to upgrade the entire environment?

To clarify, if I had used DSC to completely configure and manage all aspects of my 500+ servers (running Server 2012 R2), could I just re-declare new nodes and have those configurations pushed out to Server 2016 servers? (I understand that there are networking issues regarding IP Address assignment, Software incompatibilities to review and other inflexible parts of the process to consider, but…) It seems like you could do this in a staged manner to refresh your OS base. Or to push your infrastructure in to Azure. Or move your infrastructure into new storage, etc…

I am either starting to understand the larger ramifications of using DSC or I am missing it completely.

I’m not certain I understand what you mean.

If you’re saying, “let’s say I have a bunch of configs that I built for Win2012R2. Could I push those same configs to a Win2016 machine, assuming everything it the config was compatible with Win2016?” Then, yes. You can. And that is very much the point of it all.