Is there a way to display all AD objects with a specific certificate ?

Here is my issue : in my AD, it seems like a user account name (A) has the same certificates as another one (B). Because of that, I just can't assign B to his computer. We already made some LDAP sync / trying to remove and reupload the certificates but it's still not working. Is there a way in Powershell to get all AD objects with a specific certificate ? So I could be able to determine which account is problematic ?
I already tried to assign a new
object but I got the following error message :
Cannot create type. Only core types are supported in this language mode.

We’re working on W7 SP1 Enterprise 64 bits and using PS5.1 / .NET 4.7.1

Thanks by advance for you help

Did you search? “powershell get-aduser certificates” looks promising…

Thanks for the link, don’t know how I missed that one… Anyway, that was helpful for us. Thank you !