Is Powershell about to work with GUI

Sorry for hijacked a thread. Not this thread another one.
I was wondering if PowerShell can work with GUI? I haven’t seen anywhere that says anything about it. I have found the GUI that Powershell can produce but nothing on automation of GUI Application.
Any help would be appreciated.

Have you looked at the links I posted on the other thread?

Regardless of that - you may explain what you’re actually trying to do. There may be better ways of achieving what you need instead of remotley controlling another application by mimicking the behaviour of a human being. In the best case there is an API you could trigger.

As suggested in the other thread AutoIt is a great language for managing GUIs (I am a bit biased being on the team that manages the language and moderates the forums :slight_smile: ). I would steer clear of AHK personally, as the syntax is convoluted (again, my 2 cents).

As mentioned above, if the app has an API, that is best. If it is a legacy application with no API, another suggestion would be to use something like Automation Anywhere, which has some great AI for dealing with both desktop (thick client) and web applications.

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I am trying to test an application. Need to be able to select the buttons and type in the fields. Would the API work for this?

Well … it depends on what exactly/particularely you want to test on this application. If it is about the correct output for a certain input it might be working with an API if there is one.

What we have is a powershell script that installs the application. Then a sign in page then activation pages. Then have to verify that has certain display to know it activated.
Autoit works with Powershell or would we be better off using a scripting language like python?

Sorry, but I’m afraid there is little to no chance to get a definitive answer to your question without actually seeing/touching the application you’re talking about. The best chance you have is to ask the author/vendor of the application to support you with this task.

It’s like you’re describing a vehicle with four wheels what’s moving forward. This could be an ox cart or a Bugatti Veron or even a shopping cart. :wink:

AutoIt and AutoHotkey are independend from PowerShell. They are scripting languages by themself and run on Windows.

Thank you for your help. I’ve got autoit downloaded I will see it’s options. I will need help from the Developer .

If you need AutoIt help, please do not hesitate to post over on Forums - AutoIt Forums. There is a large community of folks that like to help out :slight_smile: