GUI Applications with PS

what tools can be used for creating gui apps with ps?

SAPIEN’s PowerShell Studio.

But it is not open-source or freeware. Any alternatives?

Have a look at Stephen Owen’s series on Learning GUI Toolmaking.

Will have a look on Stephen’s blog thanks.

I tried using ShowUI and so much issues. It is constantly requesting to be installed.Not so great…

Hi there!

This response on Reddit runs through a few options. Stephen’s post is a great resource if you go the WPF route.

I think an important question to ask is, are you positive you need a GUI? These often provide a crutch for others to lean on, and enables them to avoid learning PowerShell basics.

Good luck!

Ok well Desktop Application would be nice for certain projects.

Others may just be html which I have sort of figured out how to intergrate ps with it.

But here is something interesting: Android development?

Any clue if this is possible? Building apps for the phone?

Mel - Yes, it’s possible, the link in the previous post includes a number of web based solutions. There are purpose-built-for-PowerShell solutions like WebCommander, repurposed tools like Jenkins, or you can write your own custom ASP.NET site backed by C# code, which could run PowerShell in some manner.

Each of these is going to introduce its own little quirks, security considerations, upkeep, and yak shaving.

Again, if this is for an IT audience, consider whether you will help or hurt them by providing this. PowerShell can benefit pretty much anyone working on the Microsoft side of the fence in IT; consider motivating them and giving them a hand learning to fish.

I do wonder if Microsoft would ever consider providing something similar to WebCommander. Not a big fan of GUIs, but a more official and ‘standard’ solution to this question would be nice to see.


Don summed this up perfectly I think.

SAPIEN’s PowerShell Studio.

The free trial is more than enough to get your hands into making GUI’s with PowerShell, also he (Don) has a great section over on the CBTnuggets PowerShell series to help with creating GUI tools from end to end. Grab a copy and have a play. Alternatively, see Warren’s link.

Just curious… There used to be (at least) two Powershell frameworks for creating GUIs that, last I heard, were going to be merged into one. Whatever happened to them?

 [ ... time passes ... ]

I found one of them, Show-UI.