Install Windows Updates in a closed environment

Hi, I’m in a closed environment with no Internet access.
How can I install the already downloaded windows updates onto my servers using Powershell.
I know I can use PSWindowsUopdate, but I’m in an enclosed area where I cannot downloaded this module. Is there other cmdlet I can use to install Windows updates, and restart servers after updates installation? Thank you.


How did you download the Windows updates? The same way you can download the module from the PowerShell gallery and install it. :wink:

hi, basically we have a offline WSUS server that allow OS patches only, this explain why we cannot download the PSWindowsUpdate module. The OS updates are downloaded. We need a way to install these updates to patch the servers with powershell.

Well, you had to bring the updates to the WSUS anyhow. How did you do that? And you seem to have an idea how to trigger updates on those servers. The same way you can trigger the installation of a downloaded PowerShell module.

You can always download the module and save it for an offline install.
Have a look at Save-Module cmdlet. It will help you.

As Olaf has stated, if you have WSUS, you can manually add updates to WSUS. Just google “wsus manually add update”

As a side note, I did write a manual update PowerShell script for .EXE, .MSU and .CAB files that basically enumerates a given path for all files with these extensions and attempts to install them. My intent for this was to run as a task and pull from a UNC path. I never did use it. If you are interested, ping me offline and I can share it with you.