Install the SQLASCMDLETS module?!

Guys, does anybody know how to install the SQLAS provider and cmdlets on a system that lacks full installation of SQL Server? I’ve tried installing:

  1. System CLR Types (PowerShellTools.msi)
  2. Shared Management Objects (SharedManagementObjects.msi)
  3. PowerShell Extensions for SQL Server (SQLSysClrTypes.msi)

, but this only adds the SQLPS module.

I believe it’s installed with SQL Management Studio, which can be installed stand-alone without the full SQL installation.

Thanks, Rob.
I was trying to avoid this, but it might be the only solution. The annoying thing is MS distributes the SMO provider and cmdlets separately, but not the AS ones.

UserVoice ticket

You can now install Sql Server Powershell Module as a total standalone without having to have Sql Server SSMS installed.
However, there are some limitations for Analysis services.