Install and configure TFS with DSC


I’ve sucessfully installed Team Foundation Server(TFS) with DSC. However when it comes to actually configuring the application I am coming up short. I can’t any command line tools(powershell or cmd) to do the initial configuration of it. It has an initial setup wizard that I would like to use DSC to configure instead. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to attack this problem?

Which resource did you use? Would be great to make sure this is covered in the issues list.

I used the default package resource. This appears to install “Team Foundation Server Administration Console”. To complete the installation you launch a wizard that appears to configure the app, and the DB. The powershell gallery contains a few modules that you can use for management purposes, but none of them for initially setting up the application.

        package TFS {
            name = 'Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2017.0.1'
            productid = '1823951B-3F83-3BCC-AF76-8EE1425F443A'
            path = "$path\tfsserver2017.0.1.exe"
            arguments = '/full /quiet'

Hi Brian,

I know that Raimund and Jan-Hendrick, owner of AutomatedLab have done some TFS setup for their AutomatedLab (in their AutomatedLab.Common module):

The workshop we did for PSConfEU was setting a TFS environment (not with DSC though, as it was to bootstrap the DSC Pipeline).

Some more info on the AutomatedLab TFS Lab here:

I took a look at autolab. Its a neat tool. Is it basically vagrant?