Deployment IIS from TFS

Hello together,

maybe some of you can help me. I m a newbie in powershell, and i have to make a script that deploy sources which droped on a tfs server on a iis webserver. on the end i have to execute a sql file on the specific database, which is also on the server stored. Can you tell me where i have to fill in the right parameters?

Write-Host "`$env:PSModulePath=$($env:PSModulePath)"
Write-Host "`$env:ProgramFiles=$($env:ProgramFiles)"
Write-Host "`$CurrentValue=$CurrentValue"
Write-Host "`$PSVersionTable.PSVersion=$($PSVersionTable.PSVersion)"
Get-Module -ListAvailable
Write-Host "`n`n==== DscResources ====="
Get-DscResource | Select Name, Properties | ft -AutoSize 

configuration Sample_xWebsite_NewWebsite 
        # Target nodes to apply the configuration 
        [string[]]$NodeName = 'localhost', 
        # Name of the website to create 
        [String]$WebSiteName ='testsite', 
        # Source Path for Website content 
        # Destination path for Website content 
        [String]$DestinationPath = 'd:\test\testsite\'
    # Import the module that defines custom resources 
    Import-DscResource -Module xWebAdministration 

    Node $NodeName 
        # Install the IIS role 
        WindowsFeature IIS 
            Ensure          = "Present" 
            Name            = "Web-Server" 

        # Install the ASP .NET 4.5 role 
        WindowsFeature AspNet45 
            Ensure          = "Present" 
            Name            = "Web-Asp-Net45" 

        # Stop the default website 
        xWebsite DefaultSite  
            Ensure          = "Present" 
            Name            = "Default Web Site" 
            State           = "Stopped" 
            PhysicalPath    = "C:\inetpub\wwwroot" 
            DependsOn       = "[WindowsFeature]IIS" 

        xWebsite NewWebsite 
            Ensure          = "Present" 
            Name            = $WebSiteName 
            State           = "Started" 
            PhysicalPath    = $DestinationPath 
            BindingInfo     = MSFT_xWebBindingInformation 
                               Protocol              = "HTTP" 
                               Port                  = 8080 
                               #CertificateThumbprint ="71AD93562316F21F74606F1096B85D66289ED60F" 
                               #CertificateStoreName  = "WebHosting" 

Sample_xWebsite_NewWebsite -WebSiteName 'testsite' -DestinationPath 'd:\test\testsite\'

Start-DscConfiguration -Wait -Force -Verbose -Path .\Sample_xWebsite_NewWebsite

This sample configuration in itself won’t do everything you need for your scenario. You have to find the set of resources that can do simple tasks like creating website and then bind them together like this sample configuration is doing. For starters:
You can use either File (from PSDesiredStateConfiguration Module) or xRemoteFile (from xPsDesiredStateConfiguration module) to copy contents from a location to your target Node.
To deploy a website, you can use xWebsite from xWebAdministration module.
To start a process you can use xWindowsProcess from xPsDesiredStateConfiguration module.
To configuration SQL server you can use resources from xSQLServer module.

Here are the links to the module and documentation on github:

There are tons of DSC resources that starts with ‘x’ (for experimental) and ‘c’ (for community). You will find most of them on github. The following query DSC Resources can get you started in exploring some of them.

Tanks for you response first !

I looked at all files from “PSDesiredStateConfiguration” Module to copy first a file with “xRemoteFile”. I cannot find or understand how i can do this. I searched on youtube too for this configuration. But i don t find such configurations or tutorials. Can you explain it pls detailed how i can make this first step with this module?


Most of the modules comes with samples. Sample for xRemoteFile:

Take a look into these samples to get an idea on the basic usage of the resource.