Instaling Fonts

Hi Powershell People!.
I have a DVD with a load of fonts in the “E:\Fonts\Standard*.ttf” Folder.
I need to install all of these to the “C:\Windows\Fonts” Folder, sounds unbelievably simple.
I can’t crack it. Any pointers or suggestions gratefully accepted.
Malcolm J.

$fontpath = "E:\Fonts\Standard\"
$fontdest = "C:\Windows\Fonts\"

Copy-Item -path $fontpath -include "*.ttf" -destination $fontdest

Something like this should get you what you need. It will copy any file that is a .ttf to the C:\Windows\Fonts folder.

I assume that won’t “install” the fonts to the system ready to use.
Did you try to search for with your favorite search engine? There are several solutions available on the internet
Here are some examples:
From the MS Technet Forum - Install Fonts with a com object
Here’s a Technet Blog article offering a solution
Or here a similar snippet from Stack Overflow

Hi Cole, Thanks - it works - I new it should be easy, but, nothing is easy when you’re 79.
Many thanks and regards.
Malcolm J.