Including .ALIASES within my help without breaking it.

I want to include the alias header, as the built in functions do, however, when I do, it breaks my examples, which don’t show up when I do Get-Help Get-Foo -Full with .ALIASES added to the help snippet.

Do you know if there is a workaround for this?


.ALIASES isn’t listed in the help file Get-Help about_comment_based_help as a valid keyword.

From testing, this looks like a bug. It appears that any invalid keyword in the help inserts an ALIASES section and remove the examples:

In the ISE add the Cmdlet (advanced function) snippet.
Add .TESTKEYWORD to the help section.
Add Get-Help Verb-Noun -Full to the end of the script.
Run the script.

The ALIASES section of the get-help output is being auto-generated by the help system.

function Start-Test
{  }

Just execute:

Set-Alias stt Start-Test
Get-Help Start-Test -Full # Should show the alias now

In a module file (.psm1) you would define the aliases as shown below:

function Start-Test
{  }

Set-Alias stt Start-Test
Export-ModuleMember -Function Start-Test -Alias stt

I hope that helps.

Daniel, That’s strange because mine doesn’t generate an ALIASES on my functions. Here’s my code:

function Connect-MsolTenant
New-Alias connect Connect-MsolTenant

This is stored in a PowerShell Profile, not a module. Is the reason because I am using New-Alias perhaps?