Convert a folder named "InstantChats" in PST to CSV

Hi all,

I am currently working on a project to Convert a folder named “InstantChats” in PST to CSV. I have tried the approach mentioned on stack overflow

But i get the error at the following line
MAPIFolder rootFolder = outlookNs.Stores[pstName].GetRootFolder();
Saying the object not found.

Can some please help me with the code to do the conversion. I am ok with powershell or C#


This is a PowerShell forum, so i’d imagine suggestions will probably be in PowerShell. Just a hunch. :wink:

Might be a start if you can share the PowerShell code you have written already?

Hi tim,
all i could think of was import outlook module. but beyond that i could not figure out logic to extract that folder. I am trying out to automate it. since it was done manual all thiswhile