I need to have users click on a hyperlink and execute a script to Add-Printer

I want to put together a powershell script that removes old network print queues (remove-printer) from the workstation and add new Print queues (add-printer). the Add-printer seems to require elevated priviledge. So how would I formulate the script to Add-Printer containername \printserver\name with the user executing it via a hyperlink without them being a local admin. I tried running the command as a local admin but then the local admin does not see the regular users printer collection (problem there). My goal here is to migrate the users print queues from an old print server to a new one using the same print queue names. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Users (or a login script) should be able to run

add-printer -connectionname \server\printer
without admin privs, unless you have an unusual setup. You can also use group policy.

Set a GPO to allow users to do this. No reason to script it. This is a well documented thing.