Map a network printer to a domain user from a printer server.

Hi all,

I’m new in all PowerShell thing and i didn’t try to find the right answer to my problem.

i have a domain user windows 10 and i want to know plz how can i add him remotely anet work printer that installed on our print server in out organization?

can you please help me with the correct command?

Thanks very much.

The best way is not always power shell,

GPO works best for printers

add-printer -connectionname \\server\printer

[quote quote=169993]The best way is not always power shell,

GPO works best for printers


I know to GPP option.
i searched way to do that to a single computer by PS command.

I saw that command and this is the thing:

when I’d opened PS session on my computer it worked but…when i opened Ps on to a remote computer in the domain I’m getting an error that server name (the printers server) doesn’t exist

i want to connect a network printer to a user remotely and not interrupt him and connect the printer in GUI mode.

… so “this user account” has to connect to the network printer. That’s why GPOs are used to do it because they can run in the users context. You cannot attach remotely to a local user sesion. We have 2019 … is it really asked to much for a user to connect to a network printer by himself?

[quote quote=169999][/quote]
command not exicst


Sorry, -connectionname. Add-Printer (PrintManagement) | Microsoft Docs

[quote quote=170299]Sorry, -connectionname.



not working

How can i attach a screenshot?


It should work as a login script that runs as that user.

GPO is the best way to achieve this.

Take a look at “rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry”, there are a lot of switches that could suit your case.


This thread is a few years old, but it may tell you what you need.