i can't get access to PS options

hello, everybody!
I’m very new in PS experience, and I have just first problem with my PS, when I tried to get access in PS options (please, look at this snapshot).
I would be very grateful for any help! Thanks!

You will need to describe the problem.

Hello, I’m a student MVA courses, and just start working with PS console in security options area.
Why my access is restricted? I’m running Win 8.1 Entr EVO ver., thanks!

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what “security options” means. Are you running a command? Are you getting an error message? Have you made sure you ran the shell as Administrator?

yes, I’m running a command “get-executionpolicy” as Administrator, and the shell answers me - “Restricted”(( sorry, for my English…

“Restricted” is the execution policy.

Wow! I can do it!!! I would have to listen more carefully your lectures, it’s working now, excellent, and just so thank you for your attention! Great! But your am. English is so fast…))) See you, and good luck!

??? I might be off topic, but this post looks like it came from a troll…
Still, thumbs up for you, Don! You guys have a lot of patience with some of us!

Yes, it seems, my friend, you are from those who are treated with disdain for us beginners, troll - very insulting accusation … Next time, try to spend your hand at something more productive than just clogging topic “courtesies”) )