Cannot set ExecutionPolicy to Unrestricted

Recently, I somehow screwed up Execution Policy while I was trying to follow the instructions in a PS tutorial for newbies about how to set up PS profiles.
I assume I made some stupid errors. But I don’t know what I did.
Windows now gives a “Security Warning” whenever I try to run a PS script from the command line (e.g., in a .cmd file) in Win10, and even whenever I open a PS command window.
The settings in my PS profile don’t work, and that is a problem.
I tried with no success to unblock one script by opening a PS Window as administrator and running the following code:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser -force
    Unblock-File <Script_Full_path.ps1>

But the worst problem is the Security Warnings that prevent some startup batch file commands from running.
I’m only in Chap. 3.of “Learn_PowerShell_in_a_Month_of_Lunches_4th Ed.”
I have spent several days trying with no success to solve the security problem.

To save you time, I made a PDF file containing images that shows what I did while trying various solutions I found on this forum, StackOverflow and elsewhere.
I posted the PDF at the following URL:
I bet I created a setting somewhere that is overriding everything, but I don’t know how to track it down.
I’d be ecstatic if there were some way to restore security and PS to its original status. I did find a method (which I’ve forgotten) to reset PS to its original status, but that didn’t work. The method (whatever it was) didn’t address the security issue at all.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


I’m sorry but you should post your code and warnings/errors as text formatted as code. A random tinyurl link is not only sketchy, links die over time leaving the post worthless as it discusses things that no longer exist.

First, thank you for taking the time to reply and to tell me what I did wrong. I used picture format (i.e., a PDF) because I thought that my posting would be too wordy and therefore offputting without it. I made a tinyrurl because I suspected that the long url would be you folks. But I’ll do as you suggest tomorrow, posting my code and warnings/errors as text formatted as code; … but may I also include a hyperlink to a permanent URL, in case you do want to see it? I can save the PDF in a Google Drive dir which I’ll maintain permanently, i.e., until I die or Google does. If that’s a bad idea, let me know and I won’t include it.