HTML to Text

Hi All,

Please help
how to convert html text to plain text.

Hi Vishal,

There are quite a few conversion cmdlets but the variation in the structure of HTML doesn’t allow this to be converted so eaily.

CommandType     Name
-----------     ----
Function        ConvertFrom-SddlString
Cmdlet          ConvertFrom-Csv
Cmdlet          ConvertFrom-Json
Cmdlet          ConvertFrom-SecureString
Cmdlet          ConvertFrom-String
Cmdlet          ConvertFrom-StringData
Cmdlet          Convert-Path
Cmdlet          Convert-String
Cmdlet          ConvertTo-Csv
Cmdlet          ConvertTo-Html
Cmdlet          ConvertTo-Json
Cmdlet          ConvertTo-SecureString
Cmdlet          ConvertTo-TpmOwnerAuth
Cmdlet          ConvertTo-Xml

You can scrape the HTML from web sites and then parse it for what you need.

$web = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri ''
# Have a look at what comes back then pick out what you want.

To extract content for you could focus on anchor tags which begin with ‘a’

$text = ($web.ParsedHtml.getElementsByTagName('a') | Where{$_.className -eq 'bbp-forum-title'}).innerText

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