How to suffix and prefix based on folder name?

sorry english is not my first language i will add picture as an example to express my problem.

assume i have multiple folders. lets say

Second folder


inside folder there is multiple text

inside text there is multiple line. i want to add suffix and prefix based on folder name in each line like this


how can i do this? it’s bit complicated for me. kindly help please

Follow below steps.

  • Get the content of the folder user1 using Get-ChildItem cmdlet
  • Foreach file do a Get-Content on the file fullname ($_.FullName) at the same time store the file's parent folder base name in a variable $parent,
  • Do a "{1}/$_ {1}:{2}" -f $parent,$parent,$parent
  • Do a Set-Content at the end of Foreach-Object cmdlet.

A pseudo code below

$Folder = 'path to user1 dierctory'
Get-ChildItem -Path $Folder -File | Foreach-Object -Process {
    $ParentFullPath = Split-Path -Path $_.FullName -Parent
    $ParentBase = Split-Path -Path $ParentFullPath -Parent
    $Newcontent = Get-Content -Path $_.FullName | Foreach-Object -Process {
       "{1}/$_ {1}:{2}" -f $ParentBase,$ParentBase,$ParentBase
    $Newcontent | Out-File -FilePath $_.FullName