Can I switch an Azure Automation DSC Node from ApplyAndAutoCorrect to ApplyAndAu


I have a LAB set-up to test Azure Automation DSC.

I have one Node on-boarded, when I on-boarded the node, I selected ApplyAndAutoCorrect

I now want to change this mode to ApplyAndMonitor

However I cannot see an option in the Azure Portal (Azure Automation DCS section when looking at the Node in question) to change from one mode to the other, is this option simply missing from the Azure Portal ?

I can see the configuration of the LCM from the PowerShell command line on the Host itself e.g.


and I can see it is set as below

ConfigurationMode : ApplyAndAutoCorrect

Can I use Set-DSCConfigurationManager to change just this one setting (with out removing information about the Azure pull server for example) ?


Do I have to make a note of all the current settings, create a new LCM configuration file when use this to re-set the LCM to my desired settings, (but if I do this manually on the host with Azure come along an overwrite it with the original settings)

or will I have to un-register the none from Azure Automation DSC and then re-register the node again with my new desired configuration ?

Please help :slight_smile: