How to learn to use EWS in PowerShell

I’m trying to learn how to use EWS via PowerShell to access mailboxes, make changes, etc… I’ve found a few tidbits of information from pre-existing scripts, some blogs that talk about one way to do a very specific task, etc…, but I haven’t yet found a good book (like Don Jon’s “Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches” – awesome book, btw!!!), online resource, etc…, that teaches you how to use EWS via PowerShell in a step-by-step manner. And the msdn code examples are all C# & VB. Anyone know of good resources for a novice “EWS via PowerShell” person to learn from?

Don Jones: If you’re reading this, please write a book on this. You explain things so well in your above book I mentioned. There are no books on this topic that I have been able to find…none at all. :slight_smile:

Well, I really appreciate it that! Unfortunately EWS ain’t my thang, and honestly, my experience is that when you get into these product specific types of book, the money you make doesn’t add up to a nice dinner out :(. Hard to justify the time.

Hopefully someone will jump in with something great for you - and thanks again!

I understand. Thanks for the reply> :slight_smile:

Glen Scales has a lot of articles about using EWS on his blog :

The blogs contain everything to get you going with EWS (and by using the powershell samples from his site it’s easier to understand the C# examples from msdn).

Thanks Maurice. I’ll take a look.