Adding a domain user to remote PC

Hello all, I wish to add myself as a domain user to remote PC’s on our network.
I tried: lusrmgr.msc /computer=computername and I got ‘Access denied’ when I tried to add myself.
Invoke-command is unsuccessful because WinRM has not started on remote PC.

Is there any way for me to achieve this without having to visit each PC and log in as local administrator?


How about using GPOs? They are made for. :wink:

Thanks, but don’t actually have rights to the Active directory and am not the overall administrator of the domain. Of course I could ask the Domain administrator to do this for me.

You would need to be an administrator anyway to add accounts to the local administrator group. :wink:

Thanks Olaf.
Another and perhaps a better way of asking is: how can I log in to a PC as a local administrator from a remote PC? I have the password.

Now you’re really off topic. Did you at least try to search for it first? :thinking: :face_with_monocle: It would have taken you seconds to find RDP / mstsc.exe

@gideonk if you don’t have access to do it locally, then same is the case when you try remotely.

Try searching google for “gpo add user to local administrators group”