how to find list of parameters in powershell

For each cmdlet it having parametersets. how to find all parameters in powershell.

[pre]Get-Command Get-ChildItem | % Parameters

Get-Command Get-ChildItem | % ParameterSets[/pre]

Get-Command Get-ChildItem | % ParameterSets
With this we can get all parameters for Get-ChildItem. I want all parameters which we used in powershell.

set-psreadlineoption -editmode emacs

command - # and press tab

it is not working

Did you try this one…

[pre]Get-Command Get-ChildItem | % Parameters[/pre]

yes, I tried the both cmdlets you provided. i am getting parameter list for Get-ChildItem only. i need complete list of parameter which are used in powershell
get-event log has its own parameters
get-service has its own parameters

get-command has its own parameters

get-disk has its own parameters
like this i want to get all parameters used for powershell.

I’m pressing tab right after the dash. By default it would just cycle through each parameter one at a time. All the parameters appear above it. This does change the behavior of ctrl+v though.

PS /Users/js> set-psreadlineoption -editmode emacs    
PS /Users/js> get-childitem -                
Path                 Depth                File                 ErrorAction          OutVariable          
LiteralPath          Force                Hidden               WarningAction        OutBuffer            
Filter               Name                 ReadOnly             InformationAction    PipelineVariable     
Include              Attributes           System               ErrorVariable        
Exclude              FollowSymlink        Verbose              WarningVariable      
Recurse              Directory            Debug                InformationVariable  
PS /Users/js> get-childitem -

for this i am getting parameters list for get-childitem . i need to get all parameters for all cmdlets in powershell.

i need the all the list of parameters used in powershell .

Not sure why you would want a list of parameters available, as this will change all the time as you import modules, call your own scripts/functions.
this will output the available parameters, but will throw quite a few errors for the cmdlets without a parameter set

$commands = get-command
foreach ($command in $commands)
write-host $command
get-command |select -ExpandProperty parameters

Your question asking skills could use improvement.