Get-Command - additional parametr


I am looking for command or additional parameters to get-command.

For examples I know that on of results of this command is ‘Uptime’ or ‘State’ (but I don’t rember a cmdlets - in this case [get-vm])

How to find cmdlets when I know only one of results and this results don’t occurs as parameters ?


I doubt we can find CmdLets based on the resultant property names or values, but if you want to find the CmdLets based on the parameter name, then you can use the command below…

[pre]Get-Command -ParameterName ComputerName[/pre]

or if I understood your question, can you please rephrase your question for me.

Thank you.

Excatly, I mind about first part of Your post. Sometimes we rember only the resultant property names or values…

Either line below will show you what parameters are available for the Get-VM cmdlet.

Get-Command Get-VM -Syntax
Get-Help get-vm -Parameter *

I like using -noun or -verb:

gcm -noun childitem  # the only one!
gcm -verb get        # 58 of them