How to find and replace the matching pattern inside a Excel macro file.


I have an excel macro file which contain multiple sheets in it.
What I want is I have to search for a matching string in all the sheets and replace them if match found.

Note : The matching text will be present in a random cell and random sheet.
It would be like ‘\RS-DISCISDG01\dshare\runwork\deploy_area’ and it should be replaced to ‘\DF-USTRYFYG897\dshare\runwork\deploy_area’

In the below code, am just trying to find the matching pattern and its not working as expected.
Please suggest a way to find and replace the content in excel macro file.

$File = 'D:\myproject\JVDT\Workbook\RunMaster.xlsm'
$SearchText = 'RS-DISCISDG01'
$replacetext = 'DF-USTRYFYG897'
$Excel = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application 

$Workbook = $Excel.Workbooks.Open($File)
foreach ($WorkSheet in $workbook.Worksheets) {
	$val = $Worksheet.usedrange.Find($SearchText)
	Write-Host "val : $val"
	    write-host "Search text Exists"
		#	$workbook.close($false)		


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