How to create folder ACL report


So far, I have the following:

Get-ChildItem "c:\myfolder" -Recurse | Get-Acl | Select Path, Owner, AccessToString | Sort-Object -Property Path | Export-Csv "c:\temp\my.csv" -Notypeinfo

But, the resulting csv contains id’s instead of meaningful information. If I use FL instead of Export-Csv, I get what I’m looking for.

Any hints appreciated.

I literally tested the code by copying and pasting (I only edited the path) and the output looks fine. Can you share your csv?

Code worked for me as well. FYI

I am not sure what I was doing wrong. But, it’s working for me now. All I can think is that I must have had a typo somewhere and corrected it just before I posted the code.

My apologies for my confusion and thank you for taking a look at this.