How to call one powershell from other

I am at beginner level in powershell.I have a powershell script named “send_mail.ps1” which is used across various scripts to send an email. I would like to call this script within another script “abc.ps1” to send an email.

I included the following statements in my abc.ps1 script

powershell.exe c:\scripts\send_ mail.ps1 - To - subject “test” - body “please ignore” -file

as body1

Email is not generated, can anyone please let me know, about the corrections in need to make, so that i can send an email?

No need to use powershell.exe to call a PowerShell script from another script. You can just call the script by mentioning the script path.

#content of abc.ps1

Write-Output "Calling xyz script"
C:\temp\xyz.ps1 -Parameter1 "Value1"