How can I trim properties between pipelines in a one-liner?

I want to write this command-line (one-liner) to get members of an ad-Group and place them i a textfile. I have so far written the following:

Get-ADGroupMember xyzGroup | select samaccountname | out-file c:\temp\group.txt

But how do i trim the samaccountname. In the final text file there are spaces after each name on each line.

I can easily do this in a script:

$Members = Get-ADGroupMember xyzGroup
Foreach ($obj in $Members)
$navn = $obj.samaccountname.Trim()
$navn | out-file “c:\temp\xyzGroup_members.txt” -Append

But how do i do the same thing in the one-liner?

somthing like this I think

# to store in Variable
$Members = Get-ADGroupMember xyzGroup -Properties Samaccountname | %{$_.Samaccountname.Trim()} 

# to send straight to file
Get-ADGroupMember xyzGroup -Properties Samaccountname | %{$_.Samaccountname.Trim()} | out-file "c:\temp\xyzGroup_members.txt" -Append


You can also try

(Get-ADGroupMember -Identity YourGroupName).SamAccountName | out-file c:\test\xyzGroup_members.txt -Append

Thanks for the help guys, you solved my problem :slight_smile: