How can I make bulkCopy map the same columns automatically?

Suppose I have a SQL Table that has these columns:

I am trying to copy values stored in a data table ($dmvResult) to the SQL Table above ($Table)
$dmvResult = DMV_Query 'SELECT [SESSION_ID]

$ConnectionString =‘Data Source=$server; Database=$database; Trusted_Connection=True;’
= new-object Data.SqlClient.SqlBulkCopy($ConnectionString)

While the copying is being done successfully, there is an issue: it’s copying by position, not by column name match. In other words, the copied columns are not being mapped and copied to the same columns.

[SESSION_ID] is being copied to [server_name] and [SESSION_SPID] is being copied to [SESSION_ID]

How can I tell bulkCopy to match columns and copy?

The result copy should be [server_name] being empty because it wasn’t selected from DMV query.

I found a neat solution in this thread:

but I dont know how to translate it to my powershell code:

var meta = definition.Context.Mapping.GetMetaType(typeof(T));
        foreach (var col in meta.DataMembers)
            copy.ColumnMappings.Add(col.Member.Name, col.MappedName);

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Yes, this is my thread. I didnt get response yet here so I decided to open one there too as well