Help with removing double quotes


No matter what i do in SSIS to import this powershell produced csv and put the contents in a table it adds double quotes:

$MailUser |
Select-Object -Property SAMAccountName, GivenName, EmailAddress,
@{n="Password-Expires"; e={[System.Math]::Round((New-TimeSpan -Start $CurrentPWChangeDateLimit -End ($MailUser.PasswordLastSet)).TotalDays)}} |
Export-Csv $outputFile -Append -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8
Tried doing derived columns like: REPLACE(["SAMAccountName"],"\"","") but still not working

Is there anyway of outputting the above, just with commas and not the double quotes?



This is more of SSIS question. Typically, a double qoute would be specified as the Text Qualifier:

If you have SQL Management Studio installed, there is SQL modules available to take $MailUser and inject it into SQL with Write-SQLTable or Invoke-SQLCmd:

or using many other various methods if you do not want a pre-requisite of SQL Mgmt: