help with parsing csv

So i have this a csv file, similar to one below
I would like to be able to get an output for each user with both of their phone numbers and email addresses - just once. So a little story behind this, someone from my company would like to send a single email with the info that’s in the csv file. I’ve tried foreach user but that’s sending multiple emails. Is there a way to send just one message containing both email addresses and phone numbers?
I don’t need help with send-mailmessage, just getting this damn data in a single email (per user) is giving me a headache!
Thanks in advance

What have you tried so far? Can you show some code you have tried?

Something like this should work for you.

Import-Csv .\test.csv | Group-Object -Property user | 
ForEach-Object {$ ; Send-MailMessage -Body $($ -Subject $($}

Below is a working example.

$csvoutput = "user,phonenumber,emailaddress
" -split "`n"

$csvoutput | ConvertFrom-Csv | Group-Object -Property user | 
ForEach-Object {$}

random commandline, thank you, perhaps i didn’t explain it in right.
I’m looking for something that would look like this:

user1 3219873452
user2 7651239876

# create empty output file (no leftovers from previous runs)
$outFile = New-Item -ItemType File -Path . -Name test.txt -Force
# read in the input list and create a group collection based on user
$users = Import-Csv -Path .\test.csv | Group-Object -Property user
foreach ($user in $users)
    # first (default) entry per user
    $out = "$($user.Group[0].user) $($user.Group[0].phonenumber) $($user.Group[0].emailaddress)"
    # append additional shortened entries for the same user
    for ($i = 1; $i -le $user.Count; $i++)
        $out = "$out`n$($user.Group[$i].phonenumber) $($user.Group[$i].emailaddress)".TrimEnd()
    # update the output file
    Add-Content -Path $outFile -Value $out

If there will never be more than two entries then the for loop can be replaced with a simple ‘if’ statement and the index ($i) hardcoded to 1. But this version will work with any number of entries per user.