Scheduling future scripts: any recommendations for best practice? Workflow maybe

Hi Powershell Gods,

I’m quite new to powershell (well doing proper automation anyway) and i’m after a little advice. I’m writing a script to off-board staff. I can perform all of the technical steps, the problem is that the process is done in 2 phases, 30 days apart:

  1. The script runs for the first time to suspend the account, set out of office and delegate mailbox and files to an inheritor. This happens at a set date and time as given by HR.
  2. 30 days later, I need a process to remove delegate permissions and remove licenses and mark the account properly dead.
Any ideas for best practise for this? I've considered creating scheduled tasks, but that seems a bit clunky and I have to remove the tasks after (unless there's a way to schedule a run-once task??). I heard about PS Workflow, and I thought perhaps this could be used, but I can't find any good examples of sheduling using workflow.

Any ideas?


Michael D