Selenium ChromeDriver Powershell Website Automation

Dear Community, I would like to solve a script what could do my daily work for my company and me.

I should start a stream everyday at the same time, this is really hard, because the time is out of work hours, so I should automate that somehow, if I want to live a normal life.

I made already 200 actions with Selenium and Sendkeys to automate actions in a ChromeDriver browser. I really and honestly stucked with the last action of the code, where the is a drop&drop needed to select a server which one should start a stream.


I tried to use some keyboard functions to do that but didnt wound anything only mouse drag&drop.

Is it something what I cannot really give up and move on, I already re-started the whole project once, they told without selenium it wont be possible all the actions.

Thank you very much,
Best regards.

Also tried now with Selenium with JAVA, but still not working.