Help - can't find the Powershell Summit Forum

I am a beginner to PS and have been self-learning for 6 months now.

I am very eager to register for the Summit in Apr-2019, with the intention of attending the ON RAMP for beginners. According to the OnRamp brochure which I just downloaded, this class is limited to 40 persons, so I’d like to register soonest for it. But I’d like to be sure it is not yet CLOSED so I don’t end up registering for a closed event within the SUMMIT. According to the brochure, I must post to:

in order to get some assistance for OnRAMP. But the above link leads to an error message (‘What???’ in big letters).

Would be grateful for a response as to how I can have a guaranteed registration for OnRAMP (as well as the full SUMMIT).

Many thanks.