Having issues with uppercase/lowercase and special characters in Powershelgl

I am a newbie to Powershell. I have been playing around with various code and have run into issues with uppercase/lowercase and special characters (e.g. *%#, etc).

Uppercase: When I select the shift key + letter, the result is a capital letter…however, everything after that point is also in caps even though the “shift” and “CAP” key have been disabled.

Lowercase: Instances of lowercase even though the “CAP” key has been enabled.

Special Codes: I only get numbers not the special character

Note: The keys work perfectly in other applications and produce the expected result. I only have this issue in Powershelgl

Can anyone help?

Are you running an international version of Windows?

Does this happen in the PowerShell console, or in the ISE, or both?

Is this in a virtual machine, or on your host computer?