Strange VSCode Integrated Console behavior


Not sure what’s happening here but I’ve got VSCode 1.45.1 on a 2012 R2 Server. This is not happening on Win10 machines.

But when I type in the Integrated console, I get strange characters. I get the character I type and a bunch of others.

For example, if I type c (i.e. for clear-host) I get


I can keep typing, say cls and I get cls[38;5;238mcls, however CLS still works as an alias for clear-host and it does in fact clear the host.

If I type G I get g[38;5;238mcls. But then I can keep typing ‘Get-Mailbox scottmcgrath’ I get ’ get-mailbox scottmcgrath38m.mcgrathUpaQ3Nw==’

However, the ‘Get-Mailbox scottmcgrath’ command still does work. But it’s terrible to read and I’m not finding that running scripts interactively is also inserting characters so returning errors now.

Has anyone seen this at all?



Is this over RDP?

It is yes sorry I should have said that!

I’m using the MS Remote Desktop Manager.

Haven’t tried with MSTSC

I would first confirm if it happens on the console.

Sorry that’s what I meant by it’s only happening in the Integrated console.

It only happens on this one Win 2012 R2 box and only in the Integrated console. The Win 10 machines I mention above are RDP as well and it doesn’t happen with them.

If I type in the PowerShell Console (VSCode) it’s fine but any running of scripts it changes back to the Integrated.

If I do it in a PS Console window it’s fine. If I do it in ISE it’s fine.

Obviously if I disable the PowerShell extension the Integrated console is removed and I don’t get the issue.

I’m chatting with a couple of people on Reddit too and one suggested a reinitialise of VSCode so I wiped out the JSON settings file and that didn’t change things.

The same article I found to do that also suggested completely removing the \code and \extensions folder out of %appdata% after uninstalling. I then rebooted and reinstalled and it still happens.

So I’m not thinking an OS issue so going to get someone to remove my Windows Profile and log in again

I was suggesting the actual computer console, not a remote session. Just to rule that out right away.