Getting Outlook folder item count Office365


Looking for a way to get a count of individual Outlook folder items (emails)

We are migrating from on-premise Exchange 2010 to Office365, looking for a way to get a count of emails in each folder/subfolder on each side so we can verify that the migration moved all the emails.

I am sure there must be some way to do this in Powershell.

The PowerShell components of Exchange - either on-premises or hosted - aren’t amazing at “cracking open” a mailbox to get at its contents. Do you have a way of doing this against your local Exchange server by using PowerShell?

Hi Don, Thanks for responding.

I was able to find this script which works on a on premises Exchange, have not had a chance to test it against Office365 yet since I am fighting a number of “fires” today (I believe this is from Shay Levy):

function Get-MailboxFolder($folder)
“{0}: {1}” -f $, $folder.items.count

foreach ($f in $folder.folders)
Get-MailboxFolder $f

$ol = new-object -com Outlook.Application
$ns = $ol.GetNamespace(“MAPI”)
$mailbox = $ns.stores | where {$.ExchangeStoreType -eq 0}
$mailbox.GetRootFolder().folders | foreach { Get-MailboxFolder $