GetAzureADUser only showing 100 entries

When i run the following in PowerShell i only get 100 items is there a limit set that i can bypass or is there an issue with the setup?

GetAzureADUser | Measure
GetAzureADDevice | Measure

From the documentation, try using -All parameter for Get-AZureADUSer

I get the error:

Get-AzureAdUser -All

Missing an argument for parameter all. specify a parameter of type ‘System.Nullable’1[System.Boolean]’

Did you go through the link ? You can see the below syntax, -All requires a Boolean value to be passed. So pass $True to -All variable.

   [-All ]
   [-Top ]
   [-Filter ]

Either one of the following will produce the desired results.

Get-AzureADUser -All:$True | Measure-Object
Get-AzureADUser -All $True | Measure-Object

Thanks that works great.

@Dynamik - please take your time to read the help documentation, that’s gonna save your time a lot to be first time right.