Get-AzureADOAuth2PermissionGrant -all $true not working

Hi All,

I am facing some issue with the above command. If i run Get-AzureADOAuth2PermissionGrant it will return a finite set of results. If i try to run “Get-AzureADOAuth2PermissionGrant -all $true” It is throwing the error

Get-AzureADOAuth2PermissionGrant : Unexpected end when deserializing array. Path ‘value[1000]’, line 1, position 366740.
At line:1 char:33

  • … Get-AzureADOAuth2PermissionGrant -All $true
  •                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:slight_smile: [Get-AzureADOAuth2PermissionGrant], ApiException
  • FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.Open.AzureAD16.Client.ApiException,Microsoft.Open.AzureAD16.PowerShell.GetOAuth2PermissionGrants

If any one has the solution, please share.



Never used Azure cmdlets, but Looks like a bug.