Get Event Log - multiple devices

If I was running the following;

get-eventlog -logname system -newest 15 | select -property eventID, timewritten, message | sort -property timewritten | convertto-html | out-file c:\error.htm

but wanted to collect the logs from say example 15 surface pro devices all at once which are all connected on the same domain what further do I need to build into the above to pull out all devices logs.

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When you carefully (re-)read the help for Get-EventLog you will learn that it can query the event log from multiple computers at once by itself.

So - if that works for you - you just have to add the parameter -ComputerName ... with the list of computernames you want to query and you’re done.

But when you read the help carefully you will learn as well that the cmdlet is based on a deprecated API and should not be used anymore.

The successor would be Get-WinEvent

Unfortunately in this case the new cmdlet does not support to query multiple computers at once. So you need a loop.
Something like this should work

$ComputerNameList = 'ComputerName1', 'ComputerName2'
$Result =
foreach ($ComputerName in $ComputerNameList) {
    Get-WinEvent -LogName System -MaxEvents 15 -ComputerName $ComputerName | 
    Select-Object -Property MachineName, ID, timecreated, message | 
    Sort-Object -Property MachineName, timecreated
$Result | 
convertto-html | 
out-file c:\error.htm